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Women's Wellness Event...

I had the great privilege to speak last Saturday at the Women's Wellness from the Inside Out event. This event was held by women to benefit women at Mary's Place by the Sea.

Mary's Place offers integrative services to women with cancer and provides rest and support during their challenging time. These women are empowered with knowledge that will aid them on their road to healing. Since 2009, nearly 9,000 women with cancer have become "guests" of Mary's Place by the Sea.

Cheri's Tribe, a women's empowerment group, collaborated with the

Woman's Club of Manasquan to make the day a wonderful success.

So many wonderful women working together for a common cause.

•Beauty Counter - Karen Pharo

•Jaya Yoga- Kim Bradle

•Devon's Kitchen- Devon Smith

...and many more

What I shared...

My presentation touched on the confusion of artificial flavors.

Many ingredients in packaged foods cloud our functions.

What we may think of as nourishment, energy and sustenance is sometimes NOT REAL.

FDA doesn’t care what these companies puts in their artificial flavoring as long as it is “Generally Recognized As Safe” - GRAS

I have seen this list- not a lot of pronounceable words.




These are a few that are accepted as safe - to consume!

And then the companies add Sugar (which is 4X more addictive than cocaine)

or Vanillin (a waste product left over from saw mills) in it and call it a day.

Our body is trying to figure out what it just ate. Is it friend or foe? A foreign invader?

Our body gets way confused.

One of the biggest nerve centers is in our gut. And the biggest nerve, the Vagus Nerve, goes directly from our gut to our brain. And the information is going from gut to brain. Not the other way around. So you got to think about how food gives information-neurologically.

Especially to our children.

Serotonin, our “happy” hormone, is made 95% in the gut.

So if our guts aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

So why are we gonna try and trick our gut with all this CRAP.

I like to use CRAP as an acronym

C- chemicals

R- refined sugar/flour

A- artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors


We know that food changes our cells, our DNA.

We can wash our cells with OREOS or wash your cells with real food.

I believe in the power of real food. I know all the health benefits nature provides.

Especially for our youth. And for us old folks too- it is never too late to...

Eat real food, as often as possible and as early as you can.

I had recipe cards available and my butternut squash soup.

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