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promise to be honest and engaged. I do not promise to have great grammar. 

I plan on blogging mostly about my journey into a wellness careerI love foodthat is why I am currently enrolled in Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I also teach pilates and love all things body and soul.  I am your typical mom on the go, unable to get out of yoga pants, smelling of essential oils. Now, I have started a blog, seems a bit too on-the-nose, right?


In order to go back to school and follow my passion, I recently quit my job of 11 years, as a dance teacher. My career in dance covered over half my life. That was my identity for so long and I am struggling to find my footing.


I hope this step will be the beginning of an awesome life journey

I am excited, scared, exhausted (did I mention I have a five year old boy?), but most of all... 

I am ready!

Hi, I'm Coreen. Thanks for checking out my blog.  I have always loved sharing my opinion and I am a bit of a bossy pants, so why not put that into the interwebs for all to enjoy.

Josh is my wonderfully, supportive husband. Together we have an energized 5 year old boy, Max, and one hairless cat that keeps us up at night.

This blog will be new for me. I am, for the most part, technically uninclined.

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