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FamilyNutrition, Life Thoughts and Adventures

Hi, I'm Coreen Ward. Welcome to my blog. 

I am a mother to one sweet boy, wife to one supportive husband, owner of one crazy hairless cat, and an explorer to one adventurous life.  

I teach pilates and am a nutrition enthusiast with a fascination for functional medicine. 

I love sharing nutrition tips, recipes and creative solutions for the whole family.


  • Coreen Ward

In 2005, there was a US study done that found 200 chemicals in newborn baby's cord blood. Granted, this was years ago, but I do not believe we have taken measures to change these numbers and...

CORD BLOOD!? Come on!

287 different chemicals were found and EVERY baby tested in the study had over 200 of these chemicals

  • 180 chemicals cause cancer in humans or animals

  • 217 chemicals are toxic to the brain and nervous system

  • 208 chemicals cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal testing

This means before these babies even saw light they were bombarded with toxins.

Then you add more toxins like...

  • soaps and lotions that are full of chemicals

  • clothing made and washed with chemicals

  • vaccines with adjuvants that load their immune system and detoxification system which isn't fully developed yet

  • antibiotics that can damage gut and immune function

These poor babies don't stand a chance.

No wonder we have children with...

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Autism

  • Anxiety

And these are just the issues that start with the letter A!

This is why I am in this line of work.

This, right here, is why I quit every thing I knew and began a lifelong pursuit to help change families with functional medicine and nutrition.

What's my story?...

When Josh and I were adopting Max, we knew his birth mother had an opioid addiction.

We accepted that during the duration of her pregnancy she would be on Methadone, which is a narcotic used to treat drug addiction.

I took workshops to learn everything I could. I even went to my local methadone clinic to meet with a social worker on the subject. I did everything in my power to gain knowledge to help provide for our future baby.

When Max was born, so much was out of our control. Max was born addicted to methadone. He was under the care of his birth mother, nurses and staff.

Choices felt like gifts most new parents received. Josh and I waited for our time.

When we took Max home from the hospital, that June day (Josh and my anniversary to be exact) we couldn't wait to make choices for our future.

I knew providing a healing environment would help with Max's withdrawals.

  • We had chiropractors come to the house

  • We chose not to overload his system with vaccines

  • We used breast milk as a form of withdrawal support

Knowing what I know now, I would have done so much more.

But I take pride in... When you know better, you do better!

As a parent, you realize very quickly that there are few things you CAN control.

I decided nutrition for Max was my way.

I read book after book and made every meal for him from scratch.

Keeping grains, sugar and processed foods out for the first year of solid foods.

I fed him raw dairy, which I had to join a co-op to legally buy in NJ.

Today, he is healthy and happy and eats adventurously healthy foods.

Of course, he is still a kid. I let him have cake and pizza, but keep the basis of his diet real, unprocessed, whole foods.

Max is not your typical chicken tender kid.

I knew I was passionate about this subject and decided one day at Wegmans to make it my career.

I was shopping like any normal day and ran into a friend of mine.

She was stressed about what to feed her two year old twins and I offered her some of my time and suggestions. In that exact moment I knew... this is what I want to do for my life.

I want to help children and their parents thrive.

Sometimes I am super excited about positive change in our world.

Some days it is depressing to know so much needs to change.

I have my good days, I have my hard days.

Right now, as I write this blog, Max is having an epic meltdown about some toothbrush catastrophe.

I breathe and accept that I can't control everything.

I can't fix everything.

I can't help everyone...sometimes, even my own kid.

  • Coreen Ward

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

As a mom you hear the same sentences come out of your mouth so much it nauseates you.

Kids have a gift when it comes to taking their sweet precious time getting out of the house.

Mornings are the worst. I have gone so far as to record my voice on my phone saying,

"Put your shoes on!" , just so I didn't have to say it ONE MORE TIME!

But after attending parent/teacher conferences for Max, my husband and I realized we needed to try new motivations.

Yep, my kid is that chatty kid in class that always has a story about robots or police cars or a booger flavored jelly bean he tried once at his cousin's house. He is going to be the one kid to raise his hand and have plenty to say about anything and everything BUT the topic at hand.

Josh and I accept this about our son. At least he isn't a bully or the "stinky" kid.

Max's teacher gently suggested some better time management at home to help him along in school.

So what to do???


I ordered timers and made up a board for all the tasks needed for a swift morning exit.

Max seems pretty stoked about it and loves having new gadgets.

Here's the Plan

• 20 minutes to eat breakfast.

• 10 minutes to get dressed.

• 5 minutes to brush teeth.

• 5 minutes to get shoes and jacket on.

If all that goes well then he gets a coin in the "GET OUT" jar.


• 10 coins he can have a $1 store toy

• 30 coins and can get a larger toy

Does this seem like overkill? Perhaps. But I am tired of arguing in the morning and tired of hearing myself talk. I hope this will give him a sense of time and a sense of urgency.

Hopefully he gets a feel for the differences between 20 minutes and 5 minutes.

My plan is to keep this up for a few months and then see how he does on his own without the gadgets and prizes.

Wish me luck!

Here are the links to what I purchased if you would like to try at home.


Cute Letter Stickers

Magnetic dry erase board

  • Coreen Ward

Last week Max had his two best buds over to the house. These two boys are a pleasure. They are well behaved and thoughtful. But you get three boys together and they show you testosterone in its primal form. My goal for the playdate was to not intervene unless there was bloodshed. I gotta say, it was hard. The weapon box came out, and if you are a parent of a boy, you know what that means. I had to bite my tongue on numerous occasions.

I know I should have been indoors and let them play outside alone. I am perfectly comfortable with that but I always worry about other Moms and their opinions and get caught up in making everyone comfortable.

I have been trying my hardest to raise with a 1980's mindset. I want Max to walk to school one day, play outside until dusk, and be independent. I joined a group called LetGrow . I read their articles and use their support when needed.

I have my soul sisters in my world that raise the same. My issue is with the mothers I don't know or who raise a different way. Not to mention, Josh-my hubby, who tends to hover on occasion.

I want to be bold and confident in my actions because I truly believe we are raising little people not babies. My fear is not the boogeyman coming and stealing my child, it is Child Protective Services being called because I let my kid walk to school.

Everyday is a new chance for growth.