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Bread, Bangs, and Air Fryers...


If you got through the pandemonium without a sourdough starter, bangs, or air frying everything under the sun, then more power to you.

I, on the other hand, fell prey to all three.

I ain't gonna lie; my air fryer is pretty awesome. And my bangs are lookin' sharp.

But my favorite new venture is bread-making!

At the beginning of lockdown, I made my own sourdough starter but killed it after a month or two. It is a big commitment, even when you aren't leaving the house.

Most recently, I obtained a more mature starter from my neighbors. A sourdough starter is an active colony of wild yeast and good bacteria cultivated by combining flour and water and allowing it to ferment. Fermentation is what is essential. Additionally, I add high end spore-based probiotics to assist in breaking down the gluten. If you have enough good bacteria working for you within your starter, then people who are gluten sensitive can usually enjoy the bread without a reaction. This is NOT for Celiac sufferers!

My neighbors also lent me a fantastic book that lays out directions in a way that is easy to follow.

Why I love making bread...

  • Bread making is a science and an art. The art only comes out if the science is correct. It's about balance and formulas.

  • I feel a connection to the past. I imagine my ancestors using their hands and natural ingredients to feed their families. Even the action of borrowing from a neighbor makes me feel authentic.

  • Time management and working with your hands create a form of grounding. Hand strength is key to one's health, and bread-making guarantees your hands get a workout.

  • The variety of bread. I have made Pan Rustico (Country Bread), Olive Oil and Sea Salt Loaf, Foccacia, and Semitas De Yema.

  • Sharing the bounty! Even when it doesn't turn out perfect, which is quite often, people still love fresh bread.

Now I am not saying I am gifted in this. I wouldn't even call myself a baker. One of my closest friends is a baker, and she has spoiled my tastebuds for good!

Shameless plug coming...

I am just a mom that experiments with flour. Sometimes I get the flavors right, while the texture is off. Sometimes I forget crucial steps, and I have made a warm door stop.

But when it is correct, it is heaven.

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