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My Circle of Life

So this week we did an exercise to see where our life is balance and where it is lacking. We made a Circle of Life diagram.

Not a tremendous shock to know that life affects health. Working with people for many years , teaching pilates, I can see how our bodies mirror our lives. I see how people's auto immune disorders flare up with stress. I am happy to learn about the phycology of health but my main excitement is in the science. Give me numbers, give me stats, give me anatomy. I thrive on tangible evidence.

I also fear changing someone's way of thinking is sometimes next to impossible. We all know that life is hard. We all know of our personal grievances. Very few of us do anything about it.

I hate to think that health is all in our heads. But studies are finding that placebo medicine and even placebo procedures cure. So maybe I need to open my mind and stop judging the phycology so much. I will try to meditate, or do a yoga pose, or shake a rain stick or something this week... see judgy. I will work on it.

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1 Comment

Sep 18, 2018

This was an interesting exercise!

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