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Gettin' Boochie with it...

Kombucha is all the rage with us hippies. We buy it. We drink it. And now we make it. Does it work? Who knows. It reminds me of the amber necklaces we bought for our kids to help with teething. We would look to other mothers with their amber laden children and ask.

"Does that work?"

And the answer would be a resounding. "I think so...maybe...Yeah, I think it does...I don't know"

Komucha is the same for me. Not to get too personal, but I have no issues with my bowels. I have a pretty regular, happy gut. Tests could prove me wrong perhaps, but I have no complaints.

So, when someone asks

"Does Kombucha work?"

I answer, "It may, give it a try and see for yourself!"

Getting any natural form of probiotic and a boost of immunity is alright in my book.

Besides, it has been around a very long time. China started it back in 221 BC calling it "The Tea of Immortality".

Now we sell it with fancy bottles for $4 a pop (or more if made by an official hipster).

Making it yourself is much cheaper and not as hard as you would think.

This is my first batch and I am experimenting with flavor and timing.

I tried elderberry and ginger with a half black tea/ half jasmin green tea base.

All Kombuchas are tea based with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). SCOBY is similar to a mother of vinegar. Adding sugar to your mix helps fermentation which gives .5% alcohol by volume. Not enough to get drunk or even buzzed, so don't even try it for that purpose.

There are so many recipes online and you can even purchase a SCOBY on amazon.

Be brave and try it. Join the culture club... get it? Culture!

Become a Boochy Mama

SCOBY Doby Doo, where are you?

I'm Gettin' Boochie with it!

I could go on all day with the puns

Hmm, maybe there is more alcohol in this than I thought. 😂

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