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Food not Products

Module 3 in my lessons was about our world view of nutrition and how crazy f'd up everything is.

Nutrition is really the only science that has totally conflicting opinions.

Eat meat vs. Meat will kill you

Dairy is good vs. no one should ever drink milk, you are not a cow!

Coffee good Vs Coffee bad

One thing we can agree on is we put too much of the wrong stuff into our bellies.

I have really gotten interested in the blood type diet and according to my blood type (A) I should be vegan. I was vegan for a year. Highly devoted and a little neurotic about it. I did it for health reasons. After endometriosis surgery for the fifth time, I figured what the hell. I felt amazing. Most of my inflammation went away and pain subsided.

Now, I eat it all. I will be experimenting with ways of eating throughout this process but giving up meat will be a struggle. I will need some major brain reworking to give up bacon.

My goal for this week is to cut out packaged items. I don't eat very many but I can go more fresh than processed, so i will. Wish me luck!

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