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Ferment this...

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

I have been getting into fermentation. Natural probiotics are the best way to go.

This month I tried my hand on pickles and sauerkraut and my second round of Kombucha.

My Kombucha with dried strawberries, elderberries and apricot is still growing bubbles.

But I must say, my kraut was bangin'.

The Pickles, not so much. Wegmans was out of small cucumbers so I used large sized cukes and sliced them long. I will confess, I skipped the step of soaking in ice for one hour.

That was a mistake! They became mush! I will keep you updated with my second pickle try. Oh well, fermentation is an art form and I am still learning.

But, my sauerkraut I experimented with using a french press (you know, the kind for making coffee) and it is awesome. I can't wait to try purple cabbage next time.

With sauerkraut, do not cook it over 106° or it loses it's benefit. I'm a bit savage and just eat it out of the jar!

Thank you IIN for the recipes

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