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Classes Begin...I'm officially a hippy

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

So I started my online nutrition classes today. This was my official start of a new life. I sat up in bed last night, truly struggling to get breath. I don't usually have anxiety. I passed it off as possible over pesticide inhalation due to helping my friend Elizabeth spray her yard for mosquitos. But more likely, it was anxiety.

I am excited to start. I have some knowledge already in the field. I feed Max really well and I am always looking back to the book SUPER NUTRITION FOR BABIES.

I am in this school to help others with their babies and kids but I know I will help myself too. Josh and I need to get our health in line. We stay up drinking a bottle of wine between the two of us, watching "Drunk History" and eventually eating nachos.

Granted, it isn't every night we go nuts. Some how we have convinced ourselves that after a day of stress and dealing with life that we "deserve" a treat.

But we don't deserve this. We deserve to be healthy.

I care about how my son eats. Damn, I even buy food for the cat that helps him be healthy. I am ready to help myself a little more.

This weeks lessons were about making goals and voicing them, so here we go...

I will be a wellness practitioner that provides nutrition for babies and kids in order to lay a strong foundation for a healthy life by July 2019.

Sounds pretty good. Okay, I got this. Only 39 more Modules to go.

This is me, not eating nachos

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