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Get your #@$& shoes on!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

As a mom you hear the same sentences come out of your mouth so much it nauseates you.

Kids have a gift when it comes to taking their sweet precious time getting out of the house.

Mornings are the worst. I have gone so far as to record my voice on my phone saying,

"Put your shoes on!" , just so I didn't have to say it ONE MORE TIME!

But after attending parent/teacher conferences for Max, my husband and I realized we needed to try new motivations.

Yep, my kid is that chatty kid in class that always has a story about robots or police cars or a booger flavored jelly bean he tried once at his cousin's house. He is going to be the one kid to raise his hand and have plenty to say about anything and everything BUT the topic at hand.

Josh and I accept this about our son. At least he isn't a bully or the "stinky" kid.

Max's teacher gently suggested some better time management at home to help him along in school.

So what to do???


I ordered timers and made up a board for all the tasks needed for a swift morning exit.

Max seems pretty stoked about it and loves having new gadgets.

Here's the Plan

• 20 minutes to eat breakfast.

• 10 minutes to get dressed.

• 5 minutes to brush teeth.

• 5 minutes to get shoes and jacket on.

If all that goes well then he gets a coin in the "GET OUT" jar.


• 10 coins he can have a $1 store toy

• 30 coins and can get a larger toy

Does this seem like overkill? Perhaps. But I am tired of arguing in the morning and tired of hearing myself talk. I hope this will give him a sense of time and a sense of urgency.

Hopefully he gets a feel for the differences between 20 minutes and 5 minutes.

My plan is to keep this up for a few months and then see how he does on his own without the gadgets and prizes.

Wish me luck!

Here are the links to what I purchased if you would like to try at home.

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