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Crunchy Mom with a Soft Center

Last week Max had his two best buds over to the house. These two boys are a pleasure. They are well behaved and thoughtful. But you get three boys together and they show you testosterone in its primal form. My goal for the playdate was to not intervene unless there was bloodshed. I gotta say, it was hard. The weapon box came out, and if you are a parent of a boy, you know what that means. I had to bite my tongue on numerous occasions.

I know I should have been indoors and let them play outside alone. I am perfectly comfortable with that but I always worry about other Moms and their opinions and get caught up in making everyone comfortable.

I have been trying my hardest to raise with a 1980's mindset. I want Max to walk to school one day, play outside until dusk, and be independent. I joined a group called LetGrow . I read their articles and use their support when needed.

I have my soul sisters in my world that raise the same. My issue is with the mothers I don't know or who raise a different way. Not to mention, Josh-my hubby, who tends to hover on occasion.

I want to be bold and confident in my actions because I truly believe we are raising little people not babies. My fear is not the boogeyman coming and stealing my child, it is Child Protective Services being called because I let my kid walk to school.

Everyday is a new chance for growth.

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